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Personal Coaching with Mary-Anne will give you the gift of self value, self acceptance and self belief plus the capacity to be aware of, control, and express your emotions, so you can handle interpersonal relationships with ease and empathy and feel more connection.
"emotional intelligence is the key to both personal and professional success"
Increase your awareness about what you want, who you are and feel motivated and or even find your purpose, your meaning so you can feel great to be you. So what are you waiting for, set yourself free so others can be.
Mary-Anne offers Skype or face face Melbourne, Australia. 

Emotional intelligence (EI), also known as Emotional quotient (EQ), is the capability of individuals to recognise their own emotions and those of others, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately, use emotional information to guide thinking and behaviour, and manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt to environments or achieve one's goal(s).


Just one example of being able to master our thoughts and emotions is firstly to seek to understand. Feelings offer us understanding and our emotions offer us incredible information so we may emotional mature. Once we do so we can achieve anything our heart desires as we feel safe strong and capable. This inner peace is called presence which is the very essence of who we truly are. This level of awareness offers impeccable energy so we can be authentically happy and successful in whatever we wish to do. This may sound like an exaggeration to some however I can assure you, living in flow and presence gives a sense of self that no intellectual mind can possible achieve. Emotional Intelligence is true essence. 

Mary-Anne offers coaching via Skype or face to face Melbourne. Coaching packages range from an hourly session for one subject giving understanding relief and direction or a transformational experience offers a complete sense of renewal which is up to 2 hours. Plus Mary-Anne gives fortnightly support to clients who wish to progress to a higher state of consciousness on going. Please call or email below to discuss what your needs are so she can accomodate you. Email below or call now.

What people say....

My wife did this first and got so much out of it. I came to see Mary-Anne in a very low state and walked out 2 days later with a clear vision for my future, tools to manage my emotions and master my life and a positive outlook. I have 10 out of 10 clarity, and certainty about how to manage my life. I highly recommend that others do this with Mary-Anne. Thank-you Mary-Anne 

Mark Olierook, Sunshine Coast, Australia.

Maryanne uses a holistic approach with her clients.  It was a unique and insightful experience which has assisted me immensely. I highly recommend Maryanne to anyone looking to reach and develop their personal and professional goals. Tamara Krivonos Melbourne 2016

Sensis logoMary-Anne's Sales and Business Coaching took me to number ONE in Australia. She taught me how to be authentic in front of my clients and gave me business savvy skills, risk management formulas and much more, I could not have done it without her talent. Gerard Selvam, Sensis Australia. 2015.


More-FM.jpgI first met Maryanne when she agreed to come on our breakfast radio show regularly and work her magic with our listeners. She was absolutely adored and highly regarded, providing insight into what she does and helping listeners in their lives. I have also personally used Maryanne’s services for my own life with immediate results in terms of direction, inspiration and outcomes. I highly recommend Maryanne as a thoroughly professional and gifted person, leadership coach and mentor who certainly creates clarity and focus, helping people get out of their own way. Vinnie Aston Breakfast Radio Host, More FM Tauranga 2008-2013.


'Leadership Coaching with Mary-Anne using NLP and EFT was empowering. She stimulated my thinking, triggered my thoughts, and gave me techniques that allowed me to be more empowering and authentic towards others. The outcome of results was incredible. Highly recommended'F.Wilson Executive Board Member, Football Assoc. Nov. 2015.

'By Asking me the right questions Mary-Anne allowed me to consciously own what i wanted to create. Empowering a transition from old thinking to new thinking using NLP and unique techniques.' I highly recommend her' Christine H. Managing Director DNA Sales. Nov 2015.

Cris Casares – Argentina, Just a big thank you for everything. Your tapping. Your energy. Your advice. I am happy and want to cry at the same time. You are amazing and specially gifted.

Christine Hatton, National Trainer, Mediaworks NZ, Mary-Anne Frank has a unique ability to call it like she sees it – no holes barred. Uncannily she is right on the money. If you feel comfortable as you are that is ok – but if you want to ‘ change your stars’, then Mary-Anne is the right person for you .

John Wingate – Simply amazing to speak with. Very inspiring and truthful. Highly recommended.

Oslyn Mitchell, Melbourne – My partner and I have also both used Mary-Anne Frank for EFT and Coaching as she is like a magician the way she knows exactly how to get to the core of the issues. EFT is amazing, and after every session I feel on top of my game. She has helped me incredibly, a very talented lady.

Rowena Gould,  Melbourne – OMG, I cant thank you enough Mary-Anne your Coaching has been outstanding and life changing for me in so many ways. I have completely started loving my life so much, finances, relationships everything is just getting better and better! You are a miracle worker!!!! I have experienced such lasting and fast results, thank-you!! If you are considering making any change in your life, Mary-Anne Frank is so good at what she does, I highly highly recommend her. Just ask her for my phone number if you want to know more. 

Key-to-Success-408x394I recommend this to everybody!, I spent years suffering from anxiety, worrying about what everybody else thought, reacting to life and feeling that there was something wrong with me. After spending two incredible days with Mary-Anne I feel so clear, I now have life changing tools to genuinely respond to life and I know what I want and feel free. Three cheers to Mary-Anne. Highly recommended you have to experience it for yourself, its amazing. Lil Olierook, Sunshine Coast, Australia. 

This client experienced the 5 day Intensive. 

'Key-to-Success-408x394This has been the most life altering experience, I feel amazing.  Mary-Anne gave me the tools and techniques to release my fear. This is now the first time since my husband passed suddenly mid life that I have felt safe and capable to master my life and celebrate my life. I can not recommend Mary-Anne's Coaching ability highly enough' Christine McFadden, December 2015.

This client experienced 4 days of the Self Mastery course. 

Key-to-Success-408x394James. NZ 2016 3rd June 2013 I arrived  in the South Island to visit Mary-Anne Frank - Depressed, divorced, in debt, stressed, emotionally bankrupt, etc (Ego still intact) I thought Mary-Anne had a go-pro camera on my shoulder for the last 6 years - with empathy, understanding, guidance and EFT  Mary-Anne calmed me down and quieten the ‘noise’ in my head. I returned home 4 days later empowered and inspired to become an authentic man of value.

Mary-Anne is an integral part of my current business and personal success.   Make the call - you will be so pleased you did. 

Star makerWhat you can expect to experience one on one with me is to discover your beliefs, perceptions, expectations and hidden agendas that limit you and keep you feeling separate alone and disconnected. From that knowledge together we can clear them and find out what you really want, so you can create it. I will show you how to connect to the real you and give you tools and techniques to feel safe, valuable and prosperous from the inside out that will serve you for the rest of your life. Explore and gain insights into your purpose, experience a life review, past present and future to understand who you really are and why you are really here. Release self doubt for good and find meaning in your life so you can love who you are and shine.

Email or call me below to discuss your options, because if you are reading this, its time to set yourself free. 

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