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Mary-Anne Frank

Emotional Intelligence Coach, Business Coach, Leadership Coach, Sales Expert, Game Changer.

Creating Clarity and Certainty for you to Thrive.

Mary-Anne Frank August 2015

Mary-Anne Frank loves contributing to empowering others because she believes we all deserve to thrive. Whether she is Business Coaching Melbourne or travelling the globe doing seminars and keynote speaking or coaching many of her international clients on Skype, Leadership Coaching, or Coaching Coaches, she is inspiring to say the least. Whether you are a small or medium business or a complex large multi national, where she specialises in Digital Marketing and Corporate Media Environments, you can be rest assured you will receive high quality coaching. Mary-Anne holds a Diploma in Coaching, is a qualified Neuro Semantics & NLP Practitioner, Emotional Intelligence Coach and holds a Diploma in Digital Marketing with Distinction, and an Advanced Diploma in DM. Mary-Anne is also a qualified EFT Therapist.

Her successful sales journey began in Melbourne 20 years ago within Corporate Media and Telecommunications. Mary-Anne soon mastered her position as an award winning sales person and was number ONE where ever she worked, so she knows a thing or two about how to shine. She also owned and operated a multi national business within Corporate training and Recruitment for 9 years with up to 20 commission only consultants.

Mary-Anne has also been passionate about studying the science of the mind for two decades now and holds numerous certificates within Energy Psychology, Empowerment and Belief Management.

So how does that help you? By using her services whether Sales Coaching Melbourne or across the globeCoaching Coaches, Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching her purpose is to empower you to find clarity and certainty so you can to thrive. One way she does this is by helping people find the right emotional fuel so they can succeed. She loves working with groups, one on one to bring the genius out in people and holds the space on stage delivering inspiration. She appreciates we are all unique, we all have a different moral compass, however we still have a few things in common.  We all want to feel valuable, have real meaning in our lives, do really well, create positive connections and live in abundance and prosperity.

She is the Author of 22 Master Audio Sales Series which you can download one chapter at a time here on her website, plus a published Author of The Cinderella Evolution which helps you become the best version of you in any relationship, available at Amazon or any online store. Plus her newly released extraordinary book for business and life, an inspiring and confronting journey into the human psyche about US “Our Ultimate Truth”.

Mary-Anne thrives by adding value in all that she does, in all that she creates, and all who she supports. Coaching available worldwide in person or via Skype. Book a one on one session today or Give her a call on her cell today for a confidential chat. 04 16161486.

You will be so pleased you did!

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