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How to become a certified Business Coach Creating Clarity and Certainty to Thrive.

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              If you want to predict your future, we will show you how to create it.

Why become a certified Business Coach Melbourne and Australia Wide with US.


If you look at the market today, business people in the last 5 years have gone from the old Yellow Pages days, having to somehow navigate their way into the Digital Age, and it is proving to be overwhelming for most. Through our research, most business people have had enough. They experience sales people calling them up to 10 times a week or more, promising they will get them on the front page of Google, and they are thinking who the hell do I trust? They dont believe that a sales person understands them or their business, because they have never been in business. Most business people between the age of 40 and 60 plus want a Business Coach who gets them, and they want real solutions. They want a Business Coach who can take all the stress away. They want a Business Savvy Coach who understands their challenges, and the market, who offers them valuable suggestions, and implements certainty for them. They need a Business coach who is a Sales Expert to show them how to convert sales inquiries and better still, someone who is an expert in Digital Marketing as well. They deserve a Business Savvy Coach who can look at their business, and show them how to make it profitable. That is why by becoming a Business Coach Melbourne and Australia wide or from anywhere around the globe with us, we will offer you the best Business Coaching Certified Course there is or your money back.

You dont have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. Zig Ziglar.

The OLD Business Coaching Model

Website same old thinking

Whats your Company VISION

Where is your Business FAILING

Lets create some GOALS

How about the ACTION PLAN

Now you pay me to hold you ACCOUNTABLE

NEW Business Coaching Model

22 Master Audio Sales Series

We break down the clients whole Business Model so they get CLARITY

We create a complete Sales Strategy for the client that gives them CERTAINTY

We show them how to Market their business to position themselves in the

Digital and Offline space to THRIVE


A Snippet of what you will Learn.

  1. How to break down a complete Business Model for your client, including products and services, staff, customers, their why, how and what to give them Clarity.
  2. How to create an expert sales strategy within their business including sales techniques, understanding their buyer, turning traffic into sales, offline sales process, and social considerations to give them Certainty.
  3. How to recommend, create, demonstrate and execute a complete marketing plan including Digital Marketing interpreting SEO, PPC, Re-Marketing, E-Commerce Data and Off-line to position your client to Thrive.

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What would be the Investment to become a qualified Business Coach?

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