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Specializing in Digital Marketing and Corporate Media Environments.

Sales Training Melbourne or Australia Wide. Mary-Anne offers an Inspirational no nonsense approach that will empower your sales people with talented unique tools and techniques. They will become Business Savvy Sales people instead of just sales reps. They will gain respect from their clients and Increase Sales exponentially. Mary-Anne guarantees that if the feedback forms from your Sales Staff do not say Inspirational, then she will give you your money back.


How does it get any better than that!

What they will learn.


How to get passed Gatekeepers

How to show the client risk free

Financial formulas to close every-time

 How to increase sales on every call

How to become Business Savvy Sales people

How to show their clients how to increase profit

How to gain respect

How to engage their clients and get a commitment

How to Niche the clients products and services

How to create call to action for their clients like never before

New marketing techniques to get their client excited

How to use their attention and awareness to increase sales

How to be comfortable asking for the clients business everytime

How to add value to every clients business

How to overcome objections in the most innovative way

How to become their clients go to person for any future business and much more................




What Others Say

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I participated in Mary-Anne's workshop how to grow sales and I thought it was absolutely amazing, thank you Mary-Anne.

Bill Natais, Account Manager Sensis

BONZMary-Anne ran a Management Workshop for myself and my nine Branch Managers. Her consistency and drive to encourage perfect alignment within the group was brilliant. Her perception was spot on to allow me to follow through and create a team that I knew they aspired to be. I highly recommend Mary-Anne, she is a smart cookie.

Bonnie Rodwell MD BONZ Australia and NZ.

mediaworksA Real Honest delivery, An Inspiring Media workshop. Mary-Anne was easy to understand and straight to the point. Stimulating and exciting. Resonated very closely. Made me think how I could be more positive. She really understood what it was like out there for us. She read everyone spot one. She added great value.
Mediaworks Sales Staff comments after workshop.


Sensis logoMary-Anne ran a workshop for my Sales Team on How to Increase Sales and I have got to say, Mary-Anne Frank would be one of the most knowledgeable people I know how to Increase Sales, she will definitely help your business. 

Michael Ford, Sales Director Sensis

Call me for a confidential chat today and lets make a time to Increase your Sales. Sales Training Melbourne or Australia Wide Phone +61 4 1616186

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Book an Inspirational 2 hour Workshop today, on How to Increase Sales Exponentially. Remember if your Sales people dont say it was Empowering and they dont feel inspired with talented tools and techniques, then I will give you you're money back.

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