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Corporate Sponsorship Program.

Remember its everyone's birthright to be successful and happy. 

Imagine for a moment that you really wanted to be successful and yet you had no self belief or self value and kept sabotaging yourself because of the following. 

Lend a hand

There are so many people who are valuable creative and talented and yet who wouldn't dare think it was possible they could have what they want. Just like Mary-Anne they came from traumatic beginnings where they were treated appallingly, often abused and programmed to believe that they were worthless.

After decades of personal and professional development Mary-Anne is living her dream where she dedicates her life being of service, helping others succeed so they can be happy. She offers free coaching, however, she can not give free time for everyone so she needs your support.

We invite you to support her coaching so she can help others through the Corporate Sponsorship Program so more people like her can grow from the inside out and reach their true potential. Please give generously if you can so together we can help others be all that they can. Please donate now, with gratitude and appreciation we honour you.


Need Support?

Please be advised we are currently building our Corporate Sponsorship Program so we will do our best to support you. 

Do you know someone or are you that someone who wishes you could afford professional Coaching so you can live your dreams? Mary-Anne offers her time for coaching to those who are really wanting to make a change and seek to understand themselves so they can become consistent in their success. Are you ready to let go of your blocks and stop reaching for self sabotaging relief through addictive behaviour. Do you want to master your life and really really thrive so you can be a better person, a better Mum, Dad, brother, sister, friend or companion. Do you recognise that you are your only barrier? Are you ready to quit the blame game and more importantly do you want to help others? Then please apply below and let Mary-Anne know who you are, what are your current challenges and whats your goal in life. Please be advised that we also offer a payment plan if that is another option for you. 

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Lend a hand so others can thrive

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