Employees Perception Audit

Business Coach Mary-Anne Frank shows how The Purpose of an EPA Employee Perception Audit will increase sales and productivity exponentially.


The Power of perception. The perception of your company, products and services are held in the minds of your staff everyday. They hold the power whether your business performs or not. Their perception is key to the companies financial success. Their perception is what they carry into your clients everyday. Into the work place everyday. Mixing it up with their follow workmates everyday. Are they making really positive impressions in relationships whilst creating strong productivity OR creating an average demonstration among their peers and with your clients of your brand?


                       What’s important to know and why

By understanding these results you may see why performance and productivity is where it is today. You will also learn…..
Why some people feel so stressed.
Why you have issues within the ranks.
Why “Sales” are so up and down.
Why so many people have sick days.
And why productivity is all over the place and staff are not consistent with performance.


Another Viewpoint

Gallup Survey on their latest Global Employee Survey, 225,000 employed people were interviewed from 142 Countries, and they found an astounding result of a lack of interest in their jobs. They found
24% were disengaged (didn’t care) 63% were not engaged (had no desire to do a good job and only 13% were engaged (loved what they did for work)        The “Process” of the EPA Employee Perception Audit.

A Company or department interview process takes place where all of the staff are interviewed, by asking a series of questions about their perception of                                          
The Company
The Services and Products                                                         Perception for website
The Management and Leadership
The Environment
Their Contribution
Their Responsibility
Their Capabilities
Their Passion and Drive
Their Purpose
The answers are then collated and those that are more than 50% in alignment with each other are used. This makes the overall data received a true and fair statement about where the company is tracking in these areas.

EPA Outcomes and Solutions of The Employee Perception Audit

Understanding, that in order to create strong performance and productivity within any organization we first must have the knowledge of where we need to improve.
The outcome of this “Audit” will give you that information plus giving Senior Management the power to drive and empower positive change. It could be something so simple that creates financial growth exponentially.
The perception of your staff will change in such positive light automatically just by doing this process. As, they will feel validated, heard, important, and valued because the company cared enough to engage an independent person to get their opinion.
Following this analysis, you’ll have a better understanding of the real issues and what choices you have to create an empowered, engaged working environment.
Once the challenges and goals of your business have been identified, you then have an option of having me work closely with you and your senior staff and management on the solutions. An independent “Change Manager” will always be able to see the big picture without attachment.
Now that a solution has been developed, priorities have been set, and ‘who is doing what’ have been established, it’s time to put your plan into action. During this phase I work alongside you to make sure the implementation of your plan is on track. This includes follow up meetings to ensure deadlines are strictly adhered to. There is nothing worse that staff having an other perception of not seeing any follow through or results!

Everyone is “Accountable”

You may recall some of the “Interview Process”

were about
The Staff!
Their Contribution
Their Responsibility
Their Capabilities
Their Passion and Drive
Their Purpose
This is where its gets really interesting!

 One on One Coaching

Often staff members don’t feel comfortable speaking their truth with their Manager about their personal problems which will always reflect in their performance.
My skills and talents are rich in supporting others to Master their life.
What others say!
The difference in the team after her sessions was amazing. The tools and ideas they now producing stunning results.
I have high respect for her teaching methods and her ability to instantly diagnose situations and put structure on place to correct them.
My revenue in business has increased 20% within the past 6 weeks!, and what is really noticeable is my overall certainty within myself allowing me to be far more productive.
Mary-Anne quickly introduced new targets based on productivity as well as sales, regular one-on-one sessions, and a new way to organize their week to maximize sales opportunities.
Analyzing history of customer buying behaviors she was able to identify potential areas of growth.


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