Pre employment Screening

Pre employment screening Melbourne or Skype Globally.

Pre employment screening Melbourne or Skype globally. High quality applicant screening. Choose the right staff using an Expert decision buddy. Learn more here.

  • Screen your top two Candidates

  • Get the best outcome first time

  • Save on recruitment costs

  • Expert Advice and feedback

  • All Interviews done over Skype or Face to Face Melbourne

High Quality Pre Employment Screening Melbourne or Skype

Did you know that Mary-Anne Frank owned and operated a large Multi National Recruitment and Training company for 9 Years? Because of the high quality pre employment screening and the fact that she guaranteed her recruitment placements longer than any other recruitment company nationwide, her reputation soon became known as the best pre employment screening in the country. Now she offers an exclusive pre employment screening Melbourne or Skype from anywhere around the world.

What she does that's different.

She will interview the top 2 potential candidates that you are considering, Interview them over Skype from anywhere around the globe and give you her professional feedback about who she believes is the best fit for you and your company and most importantly, WHY. Using her superior interview techniques, she will dig deeper than most will go. Mary-Anne appreciates that it can be a very difficult decision recruiting the right person, so she will take your stress away fast. Plus, you will save on expensive recruitment costs by using her   pre employment screening Melbourne or Worldwide and have you right person first time.  Use her expert skills so you dont have to repeat the process again.

Why Skype is best for Interviews.

Having candidates Skype from the comfort of their home is a huge advantage to Mary-Anne, being only one of her tactics to get the real person to shine through. When someone is on Skype they can often feel a little more self conscious with a camera in their face. For Leadership and Sales positions you want to recruit the most masterful people, and Skype is one way we can make sure they have what is takes.

Highly confidential.

Email your job requirements below and list the most important qualities to you and your company, about what you want this person to have for this role. Plus any added information you want Mary-Anne to know. Simple give Mary-Anne the candidates names and email addresses, she will contact them on your behalf and do the rest. All for a minimum fee as seem below. Get your reassurance today.  You will be so pleased you did. 

If they can get passed me, then they are your winner.

Feel free to speak to me directly and be rest assured that you will receive the most professional confidential high quality service you could wish for, phone my cell on this worldwide service on +61 4 16161486 now.

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$350 AUD

All major credit cards accepted.



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