Our Ultimate Truth



Are you tired of feeling anxious all the time and just wish you never had to worry about what anyone else thought? Have you ever noticed how your mood seems to depend on either how much money you have, how you look, or whether you feel successful or wanted? Do you wish you could change that frustrating feeling of ‘when am I just going to get there’ and simply attract what you want? Just imagine how great it would feel if you could just let go and have enough faith that in this big universe of ours, everything is going to be okay. Inside these pages, you will discover who you really are and how to release all those unwanted thoughts and feelings that keep you from feeling excited about life and amazed to be you. Together, we delve into the human psyche, which will take you on a confronting and empowering journey of self-discovery that will challenge you to the core in the most inspirational ways. And, it is my promise to you that you will be offered a complete new awareness, so that part of you where your soul craves freedom will find your ultimate truth.

Mary-Anne Frank, author of The Cinderella Evolution, brings you Our Ultimate Truth. She is a leadership and self-mastery coach, who has studied the science of the mind for two decades. Mary-Anne created the ‘Mind Filtering System,’ which she teaches through her workshops and one-on-one Skype sessions, coupled with using therapies such as EFT and NLP. Mary-Anne is a star maker, dedicated to the contribution of inspiring minds and empowering people.